Rifle with 3D printer tested

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From time to time we serve you the news from the world of 3D printers, which we think are one of the most important inventions of recent years, and their dissemination will bring real revolution. This time, the topic I'm approaching with less enthusiasm is the rifle of a 3D printer.

Defense Distributed, the Wiki Weapon project decided to create a rifle using a 3D printer. The test of this rifle for the moment did not fall well for the constructors, the weapon fell apart after firing a few shots. Below the test video:

Only plastic outer parts of the rifle were made of plastic, the whole mechanism was metal, but these are parts that can be made in every major workshop. In addition, there are already 3D printers that can "print" metal parts.

It is not too distant future, when after buying the right device you will be able to print out the gun literally for a dozen dollars. Since gun schemes are widely available, there will be a problem with legislation and oversight of these types of printers, as potentially deadly devices can be used.

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