Read and listen, listen and read through Legimi and Samsung galaxy S7

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Samsung to the company with Legimi has prepared a sensational offer that simply can not be missed. In my case, I found time to read again - because it was never so comfortable before.

Take some time with Facebook, exchange a few messages with your friends, launch your favorite game, and then possibly a news app - this is a stereotype daily usage pattern for your smartphone. According to research conducted by the O2 network operator, making calls a few years ago has come to a much deeper plan. Why? The answer here is an analysis of Pew Research Center - so we use more and more phones, but the main goal is not for us to communicate with people, but ... avoid boredom. Small computers resting in our pockets are to be portable entertainment centers, which will make even a morning train trip to work will not be a katorga.

I admit - I got into this trap myself, and until recently I spent most of my time on social media and information applications. Truth, from time to time I was tempted to see the use of these tens of minutes a day for a bit more readable, but eventually the intentions were fulfilled by nothing. The books did not fit into the bag, the electronic prices were so high that buying them specifically for the smartphone just frightened, and the e-book reader did not have.

My inner funnel was very happy with it - occasionally only my conscience was troubled, because after all, I complained that I do not have a moment to read the new King, but all the gossip from the news section of the life of the stars "I already knew because I had nothing to do." Well, I've been fighting with each other for the last year. Recently, however, there was a spark of hope - I gave the opportunity to service Legimi and suddenly I found that on the phone you can conveniently and cheaply read books, listen to them, and even collect a large library of both bestseller and niche beads.

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Thousands of books at your fingertips

Why did I decide to give it a try? Well, Samsung has entered into a partnership with Legimi, so all Samsung mobile owners receive up to half a year free Legimi unlimited subscription. So it happened that I'm one of those lucky people. Let's return to the merits - if you do not know it, Legimi is a service similar to the recently triumphant platform of streaming music. Instead of works, however, it offers books - tens of thousands of items available for rent "for a fraction of the traditional price.

I have to admit I'm delighted. Even before installing the application I was impressed that this platform was created by Poles - it was a great idea until I wanted to patriotic flag. I felt even better when it turned out that the compatriots had done a good job and made the smartphone an ideal tool for engaging in longer texts. Do not you believe Keep reading.

At Legimi there is everything - everything a standard eater can eat. From the adventures of Mikolajka for children and the 50 faces of Gray "for their naughty me, through my" Stephen King, Miłoszewski, Coben and other authors of respected thrillers and crime stories, to Ice Song and Fire "or Martian" for which I have just taken. In total, the Legimi collection consists of several thousand valuable books. All you need to do is select the menu item and we can start reading. The Android app collects them on a virtual shelf, remembers progress in reading, adds bookmarks, changes to night mode, and customizes fonts to suit your needs. There was also something for devotees of figures and statistics like myself - Legimi shows how much time I spent reading a day, and honestly it is a kind of internal pride.

At home, more often than on a smartphone, I read on a tablet - Legimi subscription allows you to use the service on four different devices. They may be phones, tablets, PCs or ebook readers. What's more, the feature called Cloud Reading makes it possible for me to continue reading on the tablet exactly from the moment I'm finished with my smartphone. You have to admit that Legimi does a lot to provide comfort to the user. Well, it just remains to be enjoyed.

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To listen to, to run

I have not betrayed yet the best. I've always liked audiobooks - I consider them the perfect company on the run. I put on the headphones, turn on the novel and pulled into the whirl of action I do not think of leg pain. I was so happy when in Legimi I also found several hundred books read by professional teachers and even more in the form of a pretty bearable speech synthesizer. And note - I do not know if there are any equivalents of nobel prizes for ebook platforms, but the creators of Legimi should certainly grab such a statuette because they have come up with something really sensational. Now the application allows smooth switching between text and audio material - on the way out of work I read a book, and then dressed up in running gear, I choose one icon from the menu and I can listen to the same book from the moment I finished earlier. Switching from audio to text is also a matter of seconds. Something like this will surely be liked by motorists or people who like to fall asleep reading.

You just have to pay attention to the fact that in the creation of this audiobook initiative very committed to Samsung, so by the end of July audiobook offer will be available only to the device owners of this manufacturer. And so enjoy the mentioned opportunity to connect with Legimi several different devices, not necessarily manufactured by Samsung.

Books instead of kittens?