Eagles will neutralize each dron

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Unmanned boats can be very useful, but in the hands of an irresponsible pilot they pose a serious threat. More and more countries are implementing their neutralization systems and, for example, Tokyo has recently shown a machine that grips drones into a large grid. The Dutch police, however, put on a slightly different idea and train the eagles to fight the quadrocopters.

Dron may seem like a harmless toy, but it is very fast and weighs a few pounds, so a human impact can cause serious injury, as is the case with a child who lost a few weeks ago.

Individual countries are developing systems for the efficient neutralization of unmanned vehicles in the form of communication interruptions, or specially designed drones equipped with grids to capture other unmanned vehicles. The Dutch police, however, have a completely different way, which can be even more effective in the fight against these devices.

Officers are working with Guard from Above, which is training eagles to attack drones. Birds instinctively grasp the victim and then take it to the nest. The police want them trained so that the eagle catches the dron and then delivers it to the designated place.

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